Moving is part of life.


Rivers run downstream, oceans tides shift based on the location of the moon. Our hearts beat in our chest and air flows through our lungs. Movement is necessary for life. Our cells at a microscopic level carry out the tiniest of movements that repair muscle and literally heal us. In fact without movement life would cease to exist.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is no different. It’s all about getting things moving. TCM teaches us that the healing comes from bringing qi and blood to an area to facilitate healing. This begs the question: if moving is so good for us and literally gives us life, why does it feel like hard work? Getting off the couch, going for a walk, or even moving on from a good book, all of these things can be hard.


We can also look at moving as a fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to move forward and grow. But that doesn’t make it any easier. Putting all of our stuff in boxes and loading it in a truck just to unload it 2 miles down the road. It feels exhausting and daunting. Then we must rearrange all of the items we have moved. Once the dust settles and the moving is complete we slowly forget the pain of the process. It’s what I can only imagine it’s like for a mother after she delivers a baby, the pain vanishes at the sight of new life. We forget how much moving sucks until we are in the middle of it and then when we see the rewards of our labor -  it’s all worth it.


"For now I put those great memories of my first practice in a little box and I will carry them with me imprinted on my heart forever." 



I never thought I would be here. Two years ago when Avenue Acupuncture opened, I could have never predicted the success and growth. It was a well-laid plan fueled by hopes and dreams. At times I seemingly have to pinch myself. Is this real life? Do I really have so many patients to care for? How wonderful this journey has been and truly I am just getting started. Onward I go to a new space, one I hope will hold as many dear memories as the one I leave behind.


Life is about change. Regardless of the circumstances, change is a constant. You can choose to embrace it, or you can go kicking and screaming, but change is inevitable. As I reflect on my practice and the last two years, I feel a sense of appreciation, gratitude, and wonder. How did it all happen like this? Looking back it feels like beautiful pieces of the great cosmic puzzle aligned to unite me with so many of my patients. I know my new space will allow me to continue to be part of your journey to health and healing.


For now I put those great memories of my first practice in a little box and I will carry them with me imprinted on my heart forever. This was where the dream started and I will always remember that. The next chapter is upon us, for now I put the bookmark in to take some time to rest up before we start the next chapter.


As always I close with gratitude. Thank you to my patients, to my family, and to my friends. The next chapter will be sweeter with all of you in it!



Shout out and special thanks to Morgan Gordon - shadow writer, photographer, manager, mover & sister extraordinaire 

...without whom I could not make it through this life <3