Visiting Our Office

Initial treatment

We recommend that you complete our initial paperwork via the patient portal before coming to your first appointment. If you have trouble logging on, please call us at 518-569-6275.

The first treatment will take about 90 minutes. In this time, we will do a detailed intake and assessment of both your condition and constitution. Don't be surprised if we ask you questions that seem unrelated to your chief complaint - these questions are meant to get the full picture of how your body functions. After we conduct the intake, we will examine your pulse and tongue. In Chinese medicine, these are other diagnostic techniques that will inform us about your condition. We may also conduct a physical examination. This appointment will include full treatment so please dress in loose fitting, comfortable clothing. Following treatment, herbal medicine, lifestyle modifcications, or dietary recommendations may be prescribed.  

Follow up treatment

Treatments following the initial consultation will be based on the course of treatment we deem appropriate for you. All appointments following the first treatment will take 60 minutes and include a brief intake, assessment of your progress, and a full treatment. We will adjust the subsequent treatments based on your progress. 


Following treatment, most patients feel relief of symptoms. In addition, you may feel energized, relaxed, and refreshed. As mentioned above, a treatment plan will be established based on condition and response to treatment.