Danielle returns to the office on september 3rd from MATERNITY leave. Online scheduling has been turned back on for existing patients only! Thank you for your patience.

Avenue Acupuncture is not currently accepting new patients. Demand from existing patients has reached the limits of the practice.

Our new patient waitlist has been temporarily suspended due to long wait times. Those who are currently on the list will be contacted just as soon as space is available. We apologize for any inconvenience! 



Booking an appointment at Avenue Acupuncture is easier than ever! Simply click on the book appointment button, fill in the form, choose your time slot, and submit the form. From here, you will receive an 'Appointment Pending' e-mail. Once your appointment is submitted, it will either be accepted or declined. Once accepted, you will receive an 'Appointment Accepted' e-mail and a prompt to start the on-boarding process. If your appointment is declined, you may either call the office or submit another time to come in. If there are no time slots available for the time you would like to come in, it does not mean we are unavailable. Call the office for more information (518.569.6275). 

The On-boarding process

The on-boarding process consists of the completion of some important paperwork. These forms are used by our office to create a complete and confidential health profile on you before you even walk through the door. You will be prompted to complete these forms online and submit them before your appointment. Our goal is to be prepared to facilitate your individualized treatment. If you are unable to complete the forms prior to treatment, please come to the office 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment. 

If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so by clicking 'Manage My Appointment' button in your confirmation e-mail. You can also cancel your appointment by calling the office (518.569.6275). 

Forms to complete prior to your appointment 

These will also be discussed in great detail at the time of your appointment: 

  1. New Patient Health History Questionnaire 

  2. Patient Advisory to Consult a Physician & Informed Consent

  3. Privacy Policy and Patient Acknowledgement of privacy practices 

  4. Cancellation Policy and patient acknowledgement of cancellation policy