Meet Melissa Light


Melissa Light is an Integrative Health/Lifestyle Coach, Spiritual Mentor, + Registered Yoga Instructor, who is the founder of Luminous Living. 

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Her mission is to empower others to live a happier + healthier life by helping them discover their truth + connecting them to the tools + resources in order to live an intentional life. She is passionate in helping others become aware of their stories + patterns that may be holding them back from living their most vibrant and abundant life! 

Melissa believes in holding a safe + sacred container for her clients, in order for them to have a space to dissolve all the layers of the self. She believes that in order for true transformation to occur, one has to create space, be curious, and "be" with what is.

She has been on her own holistic journey since 2006 and began working and helping individuals in 2013. Her modalities include: yoga, intuitive guidance, essential oils, energy work, and meditation.

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